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What Can M-T-G be used for?

●Fungus ●Rain Rot ●Scratches ●Sweet Itch ●Tail Rubbing

●Dry Skin ●Bug Bites ●Mud Fever ●Girth Gall

●Mane and Tail, Detangling – Growth – Conditioning.

Can M-T-G be used on a Pregnant Mare?
How long after I apply M-T-G can I expect to see results?
Depending on the condition you are treating, ranging from 2-3 days  to a month. Many people see the skin problem going away after just the first application.
How Much M-T-G Should I Apply at a time?
When applying Original M-T-G and Original M-T-G plus, more is not always better. Apply sparingly. Apply directly to the problem spot using just enough to cover without applying too much and having the excess run down the horse. 

How Long Should I wait before re-applying M-T-G?
For Skin Issues:

Apply and leave on, Re-apply daily until skin issue is cleared up and hair has grown back.

For Mane/Tail/Coat Growth: 

Apply once a week.  Applying too often for hair growth has the potential of creating a negative result as MTG is trying to dry up an issue that isn't there.

Can M-T-G be used as a barrier once the initial problem had cleared?
Yes, apply once weekly. After scratches heal on the horse’s legs, put a thin layer of Original M-T-G on the affected area before turnout in wet conditions to provide a barrier against the horse becoming re-infected.
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