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Equine Solutions Ireland

Equine Solutions Ireland is a wholly owned Irish Company dedicated to 
providing the very best quality care products for your animal friends.

The Shapley's Range of Grooming Products is the most Extensive and Comprehensive Selection 
available under the one brand in today's market, suiting all needs, are of easy to use, and have a 
remarkable track record of success in the care and treatment of a variety of animals, large and small.

When you purchase a Shapley's Product, you are not only getting the benefits of a Top 
Quality Range of Products, you are also getting More for Less Money compared to 
competitors on a large selection of the Shapley's range

We are delighted to be a part of the Shapley's™ family and we are sure you will be 
thrilled with the results you will achieve with our products.

William Ryan
Founder & Director ESI.

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